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Louisiana Lagniappe features outdoor cooking products by:

King Kooker Logo

Cook with the king!

Crawfish pots, fish fryers, outdoor propane burners, turkey fryers, steamer pots, and accessories

Louisiana Lagniappe features outdoor cooking equipment by:

Bayou Classic Logo

Check it out!

Aluminum and stainless steel crawfish pots, steamers, outdoor propane burners, fish fryers, turkey pots and all the necessary accessories

Cajun Rocket Pot Seafood and Crawfish Pots

Tired of waiting for the water to boil!  A Cajun Rocket Pot is your answer!  Savings of up to 50% on time and propane.  Crawfish and seafood boiling pots.  Lots of people throw more BTUs at their pots with bigger burners or higher pressure regulators, trying to speed up boil time.  They may be contributing to Global Warming, but they are having little to no effect on boil time.  Heat going up the sides of the pot provide little help!  A Cajun Rocket Pot absorbs more of the heat.

Cajun dry mixes

Fleur de Lis Items

Fleur de Lis jewelry - scarves

Jewelry, Scarves, Pins, Embroidered FDL, Watches

Louisiana Citrus (2014/2015 Season Ended)

Satsumas, Red & Yellow Navels, Louisiana Sweets, Tangelos and Blood Oranges

Louisiana satsumas

Louisiana tree ripened Satsumas, Grapefruit, Louisiana Navel oranges, Louisiana Sweet oranges, Tangelos, and Moro Blood oranges

Cajun Land Brand Food Mixes, Crawfish Seasoning, Fish Fry

Cajun Land Brand Logo

Gumbo mix, etouffee mix, red bean mix, jambalaya mix, cajun seasoning, crab boil, crawfish seasoning

Mardi Gras Items

Mardi Gras Merchandise and jewelry

Mardi Gras jewelry, purses, prints, plus embroidered t-shirts, aprons, towels

Red Hat Ladies Gifts

Louisiana Lagniappe Red Hat Line Trademark

Jewelry, name tags, embroidered items, cards, totes, purses, scarves and more!

(NOTE: Louisiana Lagniappe is not in any way affiliated with the Red Hat Society« nor are we a licensed retailer or manufacturer of official Red Hat Society« products)

Pink Hat Society Gifts by

Louisiana Lagniappe Pink Hat Line Trademark

Jewelry, embroidered items, name tags and more!

(NOTE: Louisiana Lagniappe is not in any way affiliated with the Red Hat Society« nor are we a licensed retailer or manufacturer of official Red Hat Society« products)

Purple and Gold

LSU Jewelry and merchandise

LSU jewelry, purses, prints, embroidered items

Black and Gold

Fleur de Lis Jewelry and Merchandise

Scarves, Who Dat pins, embroidered items


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