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Cajun Land BrandŽ Cajun Food Dry Mixes

Seasoned Fish Fry
Concenrated Boil
Complete Boil 16oz
Complete Boil 64oz
Gumbo Mix
Gumbo Mix Case
Etouffee Mix
Etouffee Mix Case
Red Bean Mix
Red Bean Case
Dirty Rice Mix
Dirty Rice Case
Jambalaya Mix
Jambalaya Case
Cajun Seasoning
Blackened Redfish


Cajun Land Cajun Food Dry Mixes - Cajun cooking

Cajun Food Mixes!  Cajun Land BrandŽ produces the finest in Cajun Food dry mixes, including Louisiana Creole favorites, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice, Dirty Rice, Etouffee Mix, Seafood Boil, Crab Boil, Fish Fry and the perfect Cajun Seasoning to compliment it all.  Try our Cajun cooking food products.  You won't be disappointed.

Louisiana's Cajun foods hearken back to a quieter time, a slower time, when foods were cooked all day, and family gatherings were special times of dining and fellowship.  Unfortunately, few today have time to prepare meals in the old manner.  That's why we feature Cajun Land BrandŽ Cajun food products.  These Cajun food mixes capture the flavors of Cajun cooking without all the effort.  You provide the meat and Cajun LandŽ provides all the Cajun flavor and seasonings!  In less than an hour you can be enjoying real Cajun food!

You don't have to be a Cajun chef to create those delicious treats!

Gumbo Mix (OUT OF STOCK)

Cajun Food Gumbo Mix - Cajun Food Mixes

Gumbo Mix

Etouffee Mix (OUT OF STOCK)

Cajun Food Etouffee Mix

Etouffee Mix

Red Beans Mix (OUT OF STOCK)

Cajun Food Red Bean and Rice Mix

Red Bean Mix


Jambalaya Mix (OUT OF STOCK)

Cajun Food Jambalaya Mix

Jambalaya Mix

Cajun Seasoning (OUT OF STOCK)

Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning

Dirty Rice Mix (OUT OF STOCK)

Cajun Food Dirty Rice Mix

Dirty Rice Mix

Seasoned Fish Fry (OUT OF STOCK)

Seasoned Fish Fry

Seasoned Fish Fry - No other ingredients required!  Simply the best fish fry around - 12 oz. or 27 oz. plastic bottles.

Complete Crab Boil (OUT OF STOCK)

Complete Crab Boil - 16 oz

Complete Crab Boil (dry powder) - For Crabs, Shrimp, Crawfish - 16 oz. plastic bottle - contents will season 1 3/4 gallons of water - enough to boil 12 lbs shrimp, crawfish or a dozen large crabs.

Complete Crab Boil (OUT OF STOCK)

Complete Crab Boil - 64 ozs

Complete Crab Boil (dry powder) - For Crabs, Shrimp, Crawfish - 64 ozs - contents sufficient to season 7 gallons of water - enough for 1 sack of crawfish (40-50 lbs), one hamper of crabs, or 48 lbs of shrimp.

Blackened Redfish Seasoning (OUT OF STOCK)

Blackened Redfish Seasoning

Blackened Redfish Seasoning - Not just for blackened foods.  Great on all fish.  Simply shake a little on fish before broiling or baking.  Great on sauteed shrimp and crawfish.  Adds that special Louisiana flavor to soups, seafood, gumbo, and sauces.


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