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Louisiana Satsumas & Holiday Citrus Combo

Sweet Oranges

Louisiana Navel Oranges


Orlando Tangelos

Oct. 2016 - To our customers, past and present.  Louisiana Lagniappe is a family operated business.  Unfortunately, due to health problems, we are not going to be able to ship fruit this season.  We apologize to those hoping to purchase fresh citrus.  We hope you have a happy holiday season regardless! 


The first fruit to ripen are the fabulous satsumas, usually in mid-late October.  Grapefruit, Louisiana Navel, Louisiana Sweet Oranges follow in November.  Lastly we begin shipping Tangelos and Blood Oranges in December.  Satsumas usually are too ripe for shipping by late December.

Our fruit is not the same fruit you will likely find in your local grocery store.  This is tree ripened fruit, grown on a small farm right here in southern Louisiana, then shipped directly to you.  Within 24-48 hours of picking, the fruit is washed, packed, and sent on its way!  No chemicals, no preservatives, no refrigeration required.

Satsumas - Louisiana satsuma orchard

Louisiana Satsumas

Those who know prefer Louisiana oranges. Louisiana satsumas are sought for their freshness and sweet flavor.  Order early because Louisiana satsumas sell out each year. Fresh from the orange grower to you!

Louisiana satsumas - satsuma tree

Louisiana Sweet oranges in summer

Louisiana Oranges!

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