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Satsumas For Sale - Louisiana Grown Satsuma Mandarin Oranges

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Certified Louisiana Tree Ripened Louisiana Satsumas

Oct. 2016 - To our customers, past and present.  Louisiana Lagniappe is a family operated business.  Unfortunately, due to health problems, we are not going to be able to ship fruit this season.  We apologize to those hoping to purchase fresh citrus.  We hope you have a happy holiday season regardless!  Try Simon Citrus Farm - they are now shipping!

The fruit of the Satsuma mandarin is sweet and usually seedless (some seeds occur when the bloom is fertilized by a bee that recently visited a different variety of orange tree).  It is smaller than the orange with unique color stages as it ripens.  The first signs of ripening are a slight yellow blush on the green skin.  They then turn completely yellow, before turning bright orange at full maturity..  The Satsuma has a distinctive thick skin which is loosely attached to the fruit.  They are very easy to peel and usually seedless.

Unlike most oranges, the fruit is often ripe before the skin turns fully yellow.  A light green or slight orange tint may be the only indication they are ready to harvest.  Satsumas are famous for the very sweet, juicy taste.  Kids love them for a healthy snack.

Satsuma Orchard - Louisiana Oranges - Satsuma oranges

Louisiana Satsuma Crop

Caution:  Tree ripened fruit has a relatively short shelf life and can't be stored for extended periods without refrigeration.

Louisiana grown tree ripened Satsumas!

Shipping is *NOT* included in the price below.  Shipping will be calculated during checkout after entering your shipping address.  You can cancel at any time during the checkout process.  Remember, you are shipping a large, heavy package and it is expensive!

We only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid fruit sitting over the weekend in a shipper's terminal. Orders placed late in the week will likely *NOT* ship until the following Monday (over 7 days) depending on volume of orders.  Our fruit is not picked until orders are in hand.  The time required to wash, dry, box, and pack for shipping requires 24 hours or more depending on order backlog.

Damage:  The soft skin of satsumas makes them very easy to peel, a characteristic loved by all.  Unfortunately that characteristic makes the satsuma susceptible to damage in transit.  Shippers drop, throw, and bang around boxes violently during loading and unloading, then the boxes are bounced along miles and miles of highways.  This may cause the skin on some of the satsumas, especially those on the bottom of the box, to rupture.  Ruptured fruit is susceptible to rapid mold growth.  Please unpack your fruit as soon as it is received to avoid any damaged fruit from infecting others.  You should expect some damaged fruit, or perhaps be surprised if there is not.  Extra fruit is included in each box to mitigate any loss.  If your loss is severe, please let us know and we will ship replacements.

We ship only on Mondays and Tuesdays for orders placed the previous week.  This is to make sure the fruit arrives the same week it was picked.  Orders placed late in the week may take over 7 days to ship depending on order volume.  We fill orders first come, first served basis.

Click here to check FedEx transit time map.  Transit Map

 Satsumas (OUT OF STOCK)

A burden to great to bear! Satsuma tree with limbs bent to the ground with fruit.  Not true this year.  Crop is sparse!

Satsuma tree groaning under load of fruit

To avoid any confusion, please read the information above before placing your order!

The 1/4 bushel boxes (approx. 10 lbs) have 30-36 fruit depending on average size.  1/2 bushels  (approx. 18 lbs.) average 65-75 fruit.

NOTE:  We ship only to LA, MS, and TX.

We no longer ship 40 lb boxes (1 bushel).  The fruit on the bottom gets damaged from the weight of the fruit on top during transit.

Make your payment through PayPal by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below.

NOTE:  We ship only to LA, MS, and TX.

1/4 bushel - approx. 10 lbs - $14.95 plus shipping - (OUT OF STOCK)

1/2 bushel - approx. 18 lbs - $27.50 plus shipping - (OUT OF STOCK)

Holiday Combo Boxes (OUT OF STOCK)

Holiday Citrus Combo Box - Red Navel, Moro Blood Oranges, Tangelos, and Louisiana Sweet oranges.  These oranges have seeds.  We only ship on Mondays for orders received before noon Sunday!

Holiday Citrus Box

We ship only to LA, MS, and TX.

Make your order through PayPal by clicking the Add to Cart buttons below.

1/4 bushel - approx. 10 lbs - $15.50 (OUT OF STOCK)

1/2 bushel - approx. 18 lbs - $28.50 (OUT OF STOCK)

Make your purchases with confidence at Louisiana Lagniappe.

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