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Outdoor Cooking Equipment, Outdoor Cookers, & Outdoor Burners

King Kooker Parts
Crawfish Pots-AL
Pots w/Spigots-AL
Crawfish Pots-SS
Steamer Pots - SS
Fish Fryers
Frying Pans
Propane Burners
Camp Stoves
Dual Burner Carts
Cajun WOK
Cooking Accessories
Turkey Pots
Turkey Fryers
Turkey Seasoning
Fried Turkey Recipe


King Kooker Propane Burners - Propane Cookers

America's Royal Family of Outdoor Cookers and Accessories

King Kooker Outdoor Propane Fish Cookers - Fish Fryers

Outdoor Propane Fish Fryers Fish Cooker

Complete Crawfish Cooker

Complete Crawfish Boiling Package

Everything you need for a crawfish boil in one kit - 80 QT aluminum pot with jet burner, thermometer, complete seasoning, 36" paddle, 36" skimmer, 5 - 16" crawfish serving trays, boiling bag, and patented Basket Buddy

Complete Crawfish Boiling Package

Turkey Fryers - Click Here

Model 1267 Turkey Fryer with 30 QT Pot

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fryers

Outdoor Propane Burners - Click Here

Outdoor Propane Burners by King Kooker

Jet Burner and Cast Burners

Aluminum Crawfish Pot with Perforated Basket and Lid

Crawfish Pots - Seafood Boiling Pots

Aluminum crawfish pots with lids and baskets - 22-160 QT capacity

Stainless Steel Crawfish Pots with Lids and Baskets

stainless steel crawfish pots

Stainless steel seafood pots from 22-60 QT capacity

Aluminum and Stainless Frying Pans

Fry Pans by King Kooker

Frying pans from 10-14 QT with perforated baskets

King Kooker Burner Replacement Parts

King Kooker Spare Parts - Propane Regulators - Propane Burner Castings

Burner castings, hose/regulator assemblies, orifices, needle valves

Large Aluminum Boiling Pots with Spigots, Lids, & Punched Baskets

crawfish pots with spigots

Aluminum crawfish pots with lids, baskets, and spigots - 100-160 QT

Turkey Pots

30 QT turkey pots in aluminum or stainless steel

26 & 30 QT Turkey Fry Pots in Stainless or Aluminum

Stainless Steel Steamer Pots

Stainless Steamers with baskets and lids

24 - 102 Quart Stainless Steel Steaming Pots with Steamer Rim, Stainless Lids and Baskets.  Baskets suspended from top of basket on steamer rim inside pot.

Multi-Purpose Outdoor Cookers

Boil and Steam with the same setup!

Outdoor Propane Camp Stoves - Camping & Tailgating

Double Burner Low Pressure Camp Stove

Single, dual, and triple burner, low and high pressure camp stoves



Model 24WC Cajun WOK

24" Bolt Together Portable Propane Outdoor WOK

Outdoor Cooking Carts

Outdoor Propane Cooking Carts

Dual Burner Wheeled Carts for frying multiple items simultaneously!

Outdoor Cooking Accessories

Crawfish trays, thermometers, paddles, skimmers, marinade injectors, oyster opener, TankSetter, Basket Cadee, Crawpeeler

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